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Wonderful News!
Thanks to the efforts and donations of all of you, and the blessings of the Lord, the Council #4977 Ultrasound Initiative has been successful!  A new ultrasound machine was purchased and donated to Aid For Women,

On Wednesday, June 25th, the ultrasound machine was blessed at the offices of Aid for Women in downtown Chicago.  Some pictures are shown above and below on this page.  You might see some familiar faces that attended the blessing.

At the blessing they told us that the machine has already been used 8 or 9 times. The 1st time it was used, was for a lady who herself was adopted, and was considering either aborting or putting her baby up for adoption. After seeing the clear image of a baby in her womb, she changed her mind and said that she cannot do the abortion or put the baby up for adoption. What a wonderful story of what this machine can do to help preserve life!

Many thanks go to Deacon John Breit for all of his time, effort, prayers and perseverance in getting this done. Thank you John!
And thank you to everyone who helped make this happen!